Sunday, April 15, 2007

Prime (2005)

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To call Prime a romantic comedy is to banish it to movie wasteland where no normal humans will watch it, especially no males with functioning testicles. But Prime is essentially a romantic comedy; a story that tracks the ups and downs of a couple with bits of humor injected here and there. The difference between this and every other romantic comedy, though, is that this is what a romantic comedy should be. Great acting, a good script, and unique direction. Uma Thurman stars as Rafi, a 37 year-old career woman fresh out of divorce. Meryl Streep plays a psychologist who helps her to cope with the divorce and her surprising new relationship with 23 year old David, played by Bryan Greenberg. Thurman is as hot as she has ever been, and one can understand why a 23 year old would be in love with her character. Streep is fantastic as an eccentric, dominant, Jew who can help her patients handle stress but cannot deal with her own. Thurman and Streep are the only actors most people will recognize. Greenberg is okay as the male lead but seems to be a better fit for TV, which is what most of his career has been besides Prime. The film was written and directed by Ben Younger, whose only other major film was Boiler Room with Vin Diesel. The script is intelligent, funny, and has a modern feel that is very fresh. I'm anxious to see what is next for Younger. Although it wasn't a box office hit, Prime stands out among the trash heap of Romantic comedies. Sandra Bullock was originally slotted to play Thurman's character but left the film after the director refused to make major changes in the script. It makes me wonder if Bullock does this to every movie she stars in. Her last ten films have been garbage, and the film she leaves due to creative differences is a smart, unique entry in a terrible category of movies.

Good For: a date, women, people with a crush on Uma Thurman, people in relationships with odd age differences

Bad For: rednecks, people who like action movies

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