Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fracture (2007)

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Fracture is somewhat similar to Breach in one way, and similar to 9 out of 10 suspense films in every other way. This movie should be seen for one reason only; the on-screen interaction between Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. It should be skipped for many reasons, including a terribly unrealistic plot and impossible circumstances, bad acting outside the two stars, and generic direction. Hopkins plays a genius engineer who kills his wife and acts as his own lawyer in court. He is matched up against Gosling's character, William Beachum, who plays an up-and-coming prosecutor in the LA law system. Gosling, who is proving time and again that he is a seriously good actor that is here to stay, holds his own on screen with film legend Hopkins. Beachum is a good character both on script and on film, and many college-age and business men/women viewers will compare him to an over-achieving, charming golden boy they know in real life. Hopkins character Ted Crawford is, suprise, surprise, a genius psychopath. But, fortunately, Hopkins plays the character very well and creates yet another spin on this over-used persona. None of the supporting actors are worth mentioning as good or bad, they are all completely forgettable. There are a few twists and turns that aren't apparent at first and provide an actual mystery, however I was disappointed with the conclusion. Despite everything that won't be remembered from this movie, Hopkins and Gosling are great fun to watch, and its a shame that they didn't have more to work with.

Good For: fans of psycho-genius suspense films, people who like movies about the legal system, people with a crush on Gosling

Bad For: lawyers who can pick apart the conclusion at least an hour early

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