Sunday, April 22, 2007

Death Proof (2007)

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Death Proof, the second half of the Grindhouse double feature, is pure Tarantino. Extensive dialogue sets the mood and pushes the plot, and major plot turns are accentuated by action and violence. Death Proof isn't as fun as Planet Terror, but like all of Tarantino's works, it puts a brand-new, unprecedented twist on a thoroughly explored genre, and his new version is just as good if not better than the what has come before. The story revolves around Stuntman Mike, played by Kurt Russell, who preys on groups of females with his death-proof car. The only other well-known actor (other than a Rose McGowan appearance) is Rosario Dawson, who plays Abernathy. She and three friends go to test-drive a Dodge Challenger and encounter Stuntman Mike's death-proof car on some back roads. The movie plays out in two parts; Stuntman Mike's meeting and chase after two different groups of girls. Each part comes with plenty of dialogue that humorously explores each character and plenty of action involving the cars. Just like the B-movie genre Death Proof was made to be a part of, the movie has its fair share of cheesy lines, unrealistic action, and fantastic gore. The acting is top-rate, the directing is always on point, and the soundtrack and visuals create a "what's going to happen next" atmosphere. As an entire film, Death Proof may not be as thrilling as Planet Terror, but it presents something different for part two of the double feature so that you aren't watching the same movie twice.

Good For: people who like action scenes, car junkies, Tarantino fans

Bad For: people who get bored with dialogue, people with weak stomachs

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