Sunday, April 22, 2007

Planet Terror (2007)

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A good film will take you out of reality and into a world you haven't seen or heard before. Simply put, Planet Terror is an hour and a half trip to a different time and place that most people under 35 haven't seen or been to. This is the perfect zombie-gore, B-movie, exploitation film. But its not just a remake. Everything about the film is 1970s except the setting and the characters. The plot involves infection with a strange virus and the uninfected running from and fighting the infected, nothing groundbreaking or never-before seen. Unlike anything that has been released in my lifetime, though, this movie is over-the-top everything. Every minute detail has been carefully put in place so that each shot, line, and sound, is authentic. There's laugh-out-loud lines and visuals, cheesy love scenes, unrealistic action sequences, jump-out-of-your-seat scary moments, and the best gore ever captured on film. Every character is perfectly bizarre, including comedian Freddy Rodriguez as El Wray, Josh Brolin as Dr. Block, Jeff Fahey as J.T. the barbeque man, appearances by Bruce Willis and Fergie, and Rose McGowan, as hot as ever as Cherry Darling. Planet Terror is more than just a pretty (or horrifying) visual piece; its a completely overwhelming sensory experience. Robert Rodriguez has created a masterpiece in both direction and writing that hits the bull's-eye over and over again.

Good For: people who like thrill rides, zombie-movie lovers, B-movie fans, someone looking for a good time

Bad For: people with weak stomachs

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