Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot Fuzz (2007)

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Hot Fuzz is the 21st century British version of the Naked Gun, but not as good. One of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2007, Fuzz had a lot of hype but does not live up to the billing. This is not to say it is a failure, but an overall funny movie with too much fat on the sides. Simon Pegg, who could stand in front of the camera making faces and be hilarious, and Nick Frost, his sidekick, have proven to be a top comedy tag-team. After Shaun of the Dead, however, Hot Fuzz feels like a bit of a letdown. The story is nothing groundbreaking; an over-achieving cop is transferred to a small town and runs into more trouble than he expected, but the lack of originality in story line is cancelled out by the tremendous death scenes (think Final Destination). Whereas Shaun of the Dead was solidly amusing throughout, many, but not all, of the best jokes in Hot Fuzz will have already been seen in the previews. The direction is as good as any comedy this year and action scenes feel authentic, but are way, way too long. Hot Fuzz loses steam time and again to be rebounded by a good joke, and many of the British jokes will fly right over most viewers’ heads. Fuzz is a solid comedy, which is hard to come by, but nothing special.

Good For: fans of cop comedies, Brits, stoners

Bad For: people who get bored easily, tired people

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