Monday, August 13, 2007

300 (2007)

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For all its outrageous violence and gore, 300 is one of the most visually beautiful films ever. Yes, ever. It’s also safe to say that there may not be a more "kick-ass" movie premise than the tale of 300 blood thirsty warriors defending their honor, country, and pride against an army of thousands of savage men and man-beasts. Having said that, visually beauty and kick-ass premise aside, 300 is a fairly average film. Director Zack Snyder deserves all the credit in the world for taking Frank Miller's comic vision and somehow crafting it into a two hour picture. Snyder used a cast of little-known actors but got above average performances out of most all of them. Some acting is over-the-top, but almost everything in 300 is over the top. No actor stands out, but this agrees with the all-for-one mentality of the Spartan army anyway. The battle scenes are executed brilliantly but become a little repetitive. Emotions ride high throughout the film, but are limited to the testosterone fueled feelings of aggression, adrenaline, and power. There is very little beneath the surface of 300, but it was never intended to be an AFI Top 100 classic. Many films today use CGI, in fact, way too many, but there may not be one that has used it more attractively and effectively than 300. The out-of-this world experience of 300 will hit a grand slam with some audiences and strike-out with others. But make no doubt about it, 300 will definitely strike out swinging.

Good For: fans of war movies, men drinking beer, CGI fans

Bad For: squeamish viewers, art-movie types

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