Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shrek (2001)

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Shrek was billed as "the greatest story never told," and may infact be one of the best non-Disney/Pixar animated films. By now everyone knows the story about Shrek, the ogre voiced by Mike Myers, and his unlikely quest for Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz), and this is a testiment to both the writing and direction. Shrek is filled with both child and adult humor ranging from fart jokes to pop culture references. Although there are few weak points to the film, nothing is as strong as scenes involving both Shrek and Donkey, voiced to perfection by Eddie Murphy. Hearing Murphy completely embody the outlandish Donkey makes one wonder how he has done films like the Adventures of Pluto Nash and, of course, Norbit when he is one of the very few comedians who can be hilarious both dropping F-bombs or saying "poop." Being a fairy tale, Shrek has the typical, sentimental hero rescues Princess from evil Prince storyline, but the Donkey/Shrek combination make what is commonplace seem new and fresh. Memorable characters like the Gingerbread Man get too little screentime, whereas above-average (at best) characters like Lord Farquaad get too much. The visuals, however, are amazing and when combined with an impressive score transport the viewer into what truly feels like a land far, far away. Shrek isn't a landmark film but is the type of movie that can be watched repeatedly and quoted and who doesn't like those?

Good For: kids, families, a date, people who like donkeys

Bad For: mean people, people who don't like donkeys

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