Sunday, June 3, 2007

Knocked Up (2007)

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There hasn't been much competition, but Knocked Up is the funniest movie so far in 2007. The simple premise of a guy played by Seth Rogen "knocking up" a girl way out of his league is colored with over-the-top raunchy, laugh-out-loud jokes. Rogen is known as the big guy from the 40 Year Old Virgin, and in his first starring role gets the job done but isn't great, and I'm not sure he could star in any film except this which seems to have been written for him. Regardless, because the jokes appear to have been written particularly for him he delivers them perfectly and most of them are made better by a great supporting cast. Katherine Heigl is suprisingly funny for an attractive lead and will draw in the Grey's Anatomy crowd, but Leslie Mann, also in 40 Year Old Virgin, steals the show as the funniest female. Her character is similar to Jeff's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm as a brutally honest, profane wife of a rich, successful Hollywood husband. Her on-screen husband Pete, played by Paul Rudd, is the movie's best character. Hilarious and sensitive, he provides a laugh almost everytime he is shown with subtle sarcasm and simply great acting. Rogen's crew of stoners include the fat guy, the pervert, the oddball, and the Jesus look alike-blunt of the jokes, and each are equally funny and memorable. As Judd Apatow's follow up to the 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up may be just as funny but less consistent and a little too long at over two hours. Rogen isn't nearly as strong a lead as Steve Carell, but Apatow has shown a knack for selecting great supporting casts. Knocked Up's highs are much higher than its lows and has countless great writing including one at a gynecology appointment which may be an all-time movie line. It's not perfect, but Knocked Up is a great summer comedy that anyone with a good sense of humor will thoroughly enjoy.

Good For: immature people, people who like jokes about weiners, bongs, and the combination of the two, a date

Bad For: easily offended people

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