Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Number 23 (2007)

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While I was watching The Number 23, I was trying to decide if it was a one or two star movie. Then, I decided that it maybe a two star film. One plus two; three. The number of stars I gave it; two. Two, three. 23. If reading that made you ill, then you will hate The Number 23. If you can stand to watching connections like that be made for 90 minutes, The Number 23 may be your favorite movie of all time. Joel Schumacher, who has made other terrifically average movies such as Phone Booth, Batman Forever, and Batman Returns, has created yet another mediocre-to-bad thriller that is more confusing than anything. Jim Carrey stars as a man obsessed with the number 23 and its bizarre connection to almost everything in the world. Like almost all of Carrey's films, he is fun to watch whether funny, dramatic, or crazy. This is clearly not the dramatic role he played in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and comparing the two is a mortal sin, but watching him in his emo-haircut go insane will probably be enjoyable for the casual movie watcher. Virginia Madsen (who looks very good with dark hair) also collected a paycheck for this movie and is as average as she could get. Although neither her nor Carrey are terrible, the writing for this movie was dreadful. The lines were written and delivered like they were meant for a high school or junior high play. This doesn't seem to be a fault to the acting though, as every character delivers their lines with the same bland, fake tone. Despite all of this, the film keeps you at least somewhat interested until the plot twists start to unfold. At this point, the Number 23 reverts into every other thriller with the same, predictable explanations, bringing nothing new to your movie-watching experience. As a thriller, you aren't too scared or thrilled, and as a mystery, you're more confused than intrigued. But for the average movie watcher, the Number 23 is something to do on a Friday night. (The number of words in this review; 348. 8 divided by 4; 2, which leaves 32. 32 backwards; 23.)

Good For: mindless movie watchers, general suspense/thriller fans, a date

Bad For: easily confused movie watchers, obsessive compulsives

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